The publications division of RAFT provides talented writers a platform to showcase their work to the world and leap to the status of a published author.
The division helps in publishing the work which meets its standards with end-to-end support in terms of publishing and marketing. It engages with writers and employs a suite of promotional activity through various channels, promoting titles both offline and online reaching a large reader base.
Easing the concerns of the writers regarding royalties, the division operates with absolute transparency and makes sure that the writer receives his or her due proceeds, after adjusting the printing and marketing costs.

To be published in 7 Indian languages & English

The division shows a strong conviction in the tradition of our linguistic and cultural diversity, earnestly seeking the hidden gems of the stories to be told. It encourages publishing the fictional work on the topics of contemporary social life in various languages i.e. Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam, besides English celebrating ethnicity and regional consciousness.
The larger goal of the publications division is to foster a vibrant literary culture.

Please share your details, we will keep you posted.