Ramoji Academy
of Film and Television

The Ramoji Academy of Film and Television (RAFT) is part of the Ramoji Group, a multi-faceted business entity based in Hyderabad. The Group, which has been in operation for 60 years, has grown into one of the most diverse business houses, setting industry benchmarks. Supported by an overarching vision and principles, it has focused on offering innovative products and services in Media & Entertainment, Film Production, Print, Television & Digital media, FM Radio, Hospitality, Retail, Food, Financial Services, thematic tourism, World's largest film studio complex with extensive film-making infrastructure, Film & Television education and wellness.
RAFT creates a framework for a culture of excellence and presents a gateway of opportunities. The institute embraces the best practices in film and television education, while fostering talent across the country.
The goal of RAFT is to provide world-class online education, free of cost to the students across the country in seven Indian languages as well as English.
RAFT offers courses that deal with Fundamentals of Filmmaking, Direction, Screenwriting, Acting and Production. The carefully-structured courses are exhaustive in nature and exclusive in content. The broad-based and in-depth syllabus explores the contours of each discipline and invites students to a learning process that is engrossing and stimulating.

Multi-lingual, Self-paced Online Programs

RAFT offers specialized online programs in seven Indian languages i.e. Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, besides English. These courses make sure that the optimum learning takes place, allowing students to perform within the given timelines.

RAFT Competitions - A Platform for the Talented

RAFT hosts short film competitions as part of Film Festival and invites the participation of budding filmmakers to provide them a platform to flourish. RAFT believes that the competitions not only boost the participant’s engagement with the craft but also cultivates the spirit of creativity and excellence.

RAFT’s vision is to reach out to every student who has a passion for films. The free online courses it offers exemplify dedication to a cause and commitment.

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