Ramoji Short Film Festival (RSF)

Short Films are an exciting and ever-evolving form of storytelling, invigorating the idiom of cinema. The low-cost technology and easy access to it have created a favourable milieu for the manifestation of one’s latent talent.

Creatively endowed are increasingly embracing short films. The digital explosion and social media revolution are opening a world of opportunities for the passionate. They need a forum for expression, a recognition stage, and a pat on the back.

Ramoji Short Film Festival (RSF) is a platform for the talented to showcase their creative excellence and test the rigour of the craft. Celebrating the spark of imagination, the competition pushes the boundaries with avenues to express and explore.

Ramoji Short Film Competitions are part of the Film Festival, organized by RAM. These competitions will be open for short films made in select languages - Hindi, Bangla, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. RSF encourages experiments in terms of original story ideas and universal themes rooted in the regional flavour.


Competitions will be held at both the regional and national levels. The awards will be for 7 regional languages i.e.
Hindi Bangla Marathi Telugu Tamil Kannada Malayalam Best films will be accorded Hall of Fame award for every language.
The films will be selected based on their originality and quality content as per the jury and viewers’ choice.

Please share your details, we will keep you posted.