• Courses Overview

Filmmaking is a harmonious collaboration where numerous creative and technical talents unite to bring a cinematic vision to life. Join us at RAM to embark on a journey to master various facets of the cinematic arts.

  • Story and Screenplay


We all hear, narrate and share the stories. The fables have been an integral part of our culture and hold a strong bond associated with our childhood memories. What we see in cinema on the big screen are also, after all, stories. Stories of how fictional characters lead their life through a phase we see in the films. What engages us in films is how that story progresses over two hours of running time. This is where the talent of story and screenplay writers count. Film may germinate from a small idea, but executing that idea into the film is a creative and commendable process. In our thoughtfully curated digital course onStory and Screenplay, you will learn about every bit of writing a professional and immersive story and screenplay for a film.

  • Digital Filmmaking

In India, films have a history of more than 100 years. The technology of making films over a century has evolved dramatically. Today, the cinema has become digital. Earlier, the processes in filmmaking that were conducted manually have now become automated. Where it required multiple workforces and long hours back then, it needed an individual professional and much fewer hours now. How did all this become possible? The answer is Digital Filmmaking. Our online Digital Filmmaking course elaborately teaches you all the industry-standard processes, tools and techniques to make a new-age cinema.

  • Direction

Every film has a unique style of execution and portraying the story on the screen. The distinctness  of each film is the result of the film directors vision. The director visualises the film written on paper and ties all the strings together to bring it into reality. Direction is a techno-creative field. The director has to look after every small and big activity in making a film. The digital course of Direction at RAM prepares you to become a jack of all and Master of Direction.

  • Action

Action is a display of physical movements, facial expressions, emotions and presence of mind through a realistic performance. Acting is truthfully living someone's life under fictitious situations. Acting is expressing through your body and mind. In a world where acting is misassociated with glamour, beauty, and market value competitions, learn the genuine craft of action. Learn the skill of acting, acquire the methods of practising it and know the techniques of perfecting it in our tailor-made digital course- Action.

  • Film Production

Explore the exciting world of cinematic arts with RAM's Film Production course. Learn how to turn your vision into reality and bring fictional characters to life on the big screen through the scientific process of movie production. This course covers the creative, administrative, and commercial aspects of transforming small ideas into professional and immersive films. Delve into every aspect of the film production craft and gain knowledge to become a skilled filmmaker in the dynamic world of movie making.

  • Film Editing

Enter the digital age of filmmaking with RAM's Film Editing course, revealing industry-standard processes and techniques. Discover the art and craft of cinema, where manual processes have transitioned into new digital phenomena. Learn classic filmmaking tricks as well as the new age streamlined editing and know-how to tell compelling stories through visuals. This course offers a comprehensive understanding of film editing processes and age-tested tricks of movie making. Master the resourceful editing techniques and empower yourself with the skills to shape raw footage into a cohesive narrative. Join RAM to excel in the art and technology of Film Editing, considered the most imaginative element of cinema